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Terms of Use

  • Agreement Acceptance: By accepting this agreement, it means you agree to the terms and conditions of use outlined in this “”Terms of Use Agreement”” in relation to the website. This agreement, along with the Privacy Policy document, constitutes the complete and sole agreement between us and you. We reserve the right to make amendments to this agreement at any time without specific notice to you, as the latest modified agreements will be available on the website. Therefore, it is your responsibility to review them before commencing your use of the website.The use of the Balanced Nutritional System website and the information presented therein will be governed by the detailed terms set forth in this agreement and subject to its guidelines. These terms apply to any use you make on the website and will form the legal basis for any dealings between you and the website. All medical information provided on the website is intended for health awareness purposes and is not a substitute for consultation with a medical doctor or specialist. The contents of the website pages are intended for health, medical, and cosmetic education and everything related to a healthy life (free from pollutants and toxins). Your usage of them depends on your own judgment and responsibility. All contents are subject to change at any time without prior notice based on research and scientific studies from accredited research centers.
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Rights: This includes content, graphics, design, electronic translations, videos, audio files, trademarks, and other matters related to the website, all of which are subject to protection under copyright and trademark laws, as well as other rights, including intellectual property rights. It is strictly prohibited to copy, redistribute, use, print, modify, translate, sell, or commercially exploit any of these materials or any portion thereof from the website or any other websites. This means that you will not acquire any rights to any content, document, or other materials that you see on the website. Additionally, posting any information or materials on the website should not be considered as relinquishing ownership rights for those materials unless prior written permission is obtained from the Balanced Nutritional System organization.
  • Trademarks, Trade Names, Website Names, and Logos:This includes the logo of Dr. Jameel Al-Qudsi, registered under number (137161), and the website name ( Any other trade names or trademarks that may appear on the website and are not affiliated with the organization are not the property of the organization but are owned by the respective companies mentioned.
  • Usage Limitations: Our website must not be used in any way that may cause or could potentially cause harm to it, disrupt access to it, or prevent others from accessing it. Additionally, it must not be used for any unlawful purposes or in any illegal manner, for fraudulent activities, causing harm to others, or engaging in any unauthorized activities. All of these activities will be logged and tracked to identify the user’s identity and take appropriate action against them.This website contains materials owned by us or licensed for our use, including but not limited to design, layout, overall appearance, images, and creative production. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce any of these materials in any way.
  • Disclaimer: By accessing and using the website or obtaining any services, you agree to release us from any liabilities and to defend and indemnify us against any responsibilities, losses, claims, or payments, even if they are in the form of reasonable legal fees, resulting from any violations of this agreement or your use of the website. This disclaimer also applies to all our partners, attorneys, employees, and affiliated companies (collectively referred to as “Affiliated Parties”)..
  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:
    • Use of Information: The organization reserves the right, which you undoubtedly agree to, to utilize and transmit all information related to your use of the website, as well as any information provided by you in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy.
    • Copyright and Agents: As we respect the rights of others’ intellectual property, we kindly request that you respect our intellectual property rights as well.
    • User Commitment and Pledge: Each user declares their commitment to the organization as follows:
      • 1. All information and/or data provided by them are accurate, truthful, up-to-date, and complete.
      • 2. The website does not accept dealings with any person who has not reached the legal age (18 years). Consequently, any violation of this condition by users does not hold the organization legally responsible, and the organization reserves the right to claim compensation for damages resulting from this violation.
      • 3. Users must not harass other users with offensive language or statements that go beyond accepted norms of decency.
      • 4. Users must not incite racism, harm, violence, or illegal activities.
      • 5. Users must not exploit the company’s services to engage in unlawful activities.
      • 6. Users must not direct to links that have been banned by the website.
      • 7. Users must not harm the website or its users in any way, nor steal from or damage any website affiliated with the organization.
      • 8. Users must not promote, advertise, solicit, or sell for websites similar to the Balanced Nutritional System website.
  • Terms for Registering User Data on the Website: We would like to inform you that your registration with us implies the following:
    • 1. Your agreement and acceptance of all the terms outlined in the agreement.
    • 2. Your commitment to provide us with all the required information accurately and truthfully, without any omissions or additions.
    • 3. Jameel Al-Qudsi Foundation provides dietary advice and general health tips to promote a healthier lifestyle.
    • 4. Jameel Al-Qudsi Foundation does not diagnose diseases and should not replace visits to your healthcare provider in any way.
    • 5. All advice provided by us is non-binding and can be discontinued if your healthcare provider recommends it.
    • 6. Balanced Nutritional System products are dietary products designed to enhance a healthy lifestyle.
    • 7. Jameel Al-Qudsi Foundation bears no responsibility in case any medical information conflicting with general health advice is concealed, leading to complications or consequences arising from the misuse of advice and dietary products.
    • 8. I acknowledge that I have not been given any direct or implied guarantees or commitments by any individual regarding the results I may achieve.
  • I acknowledge the accuracy and precision of all the information provided in my statement through this acknowledgment, and I assume full responsibility for any errors therein. I also release the organization from any legal liability that may arise as a result of any inaccuracies or errors in the information stated on my behalf in this acknowledgment.
  • All the terms and conditions stated in any part of the website or in any of the organization’s publications constitute an integral and inseparable part of this agreement.
  • The Applicable Law: The use of this website and the interpretation of the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement are subject to all the laws in effect in Jordan.
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