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About Dr. Jamil Al-Qudsi

I have been blessed by Allah (SWT) and studied general medicine at Aleppo University in Syria. Afterward, with the grace of Allah (SWT), I completed two years of specialization in internal medicine. Allah (SWT) has opened doors for us with an extensive research project spanning over 50,000 pages, which lays the foundations of nutrition in the Holy Quran (the Balanced Diet). This research unveils a set of laws that Allah (SWT) has established for the heavens and the earth – “the Balance.” It delves into understanding these Quranic laws in a way that aligns the human body and its functions with the laws of the entire universe. It also relies on presenting the foods mentioned in the Holy Quran in a comprehensive dietary program, considering their types, quantities, and the repetitions mentioned in the Holy Quran, as well as their timing during prayer times. Additionally, it explores their sequence in relation to each other.

I have presented many parts of this research at international conferences in which I participated, serving as the foundation for a new field of knowledge that was developed and discovered by the grace and blessings of Allah, through my hands. I presented this research in a significant number of conferences, with one of the most notable ones being the Quranic Healing Conference bridging the gap between medicine and religion, where I delivered the keynote session. Additionally, I presented it at the Aging Conference and the First Arab Conference on Alternative Medicine. This profound research, which has benefited hundreds of thousands of people, deserved to be served in a profound manner worthy of its name.

By the grace of Allah, Dr. Jameel Al-Qudsi founded the “Balance Cure” group, which comprises four companies and manufacturers of healthy food industries producing herbal oils and vinegars. These two ideas originated from the concept of balanced nutrition as mentioned in the Quran. Olive oil and vinegar are both referenced in the Quran: “((وَمِن ثَمَرَاتِ النَّخِيلِ وَالأَعْنَابِ تَتَّخِذُونَ مِنْهُ سَكَرًا وَرِزْقًا حَسَنًا إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لآيَةً لِّقَوْمٍ يَعْقِلُونَ))” – ((Quran, Surah An-Nahl, 16:67))

As for the herbs, they are mentioned in the Quran as “Rihaan” (basil), which includes our well-known herbs such as chamomile, rosemary, lavender, thyme, and marjoram. We have produced these products with the highest possible quality, thanks to Allah, to uphold the name they represent. We have exerted the utmost effort in their production, something that humans can achieve through the grace and guidance of Allah.

These products have obtained FDA certification, which is one of the highest certifications worldwide, and have been licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Health, the General Food and Drug Corporation, as well as health ministries in countries we export to, such as Algeria, Oman, the UAE, and soon, Insha’Allah, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. The manufacturers have also obtained ISO 22000 certification, which is the highest pharmaceutical industrial certification globally.

Certainly, a project of this magnitude required me to enhance my specialization and education in order to effectively manage and lead it. I obtained a postgraduate diploma in filmmaking from the Australian Academy for Film Education, which is one of the largest academies for film industry education worldwide. With the grace of Allah, I graduated with distinction. The purpose of this diploma was to deliver this concept and knowledge at the highest international cinematic level, addressing people of all backgrounds, not just Muslims. It conveys a noble health message that Allah has created them from clay, and by understanding this balance, they can restore the elements of their bodies and their health, God willing. In addition to that, I obtained a specialized certification in the International Labour Organization (ILO) program in management. This included strategic planning management, strategic marketing management, strategic human resource management, and strategic financial management. Furthermore, by the grace and blessings of Allah, I acquired a certification in project management from the Method Institute, which is one of the top institutes in the region in this field.

There is no doubt that such great expansions, thanks to God Almighty, required a great development of personal skills in order to save time and effort and obtain mastery, sincerity, and benevolence in work. Thus, I obtained specialized courses in speed reading, as well as in managing mind maps, and specialized courses in memory, memorization, and remembering, in addition. Until I obtained the third level, which is the level of expert in analyzing human personality through analyzing handwriting.

All of this is nothing but by the grace of Allah, His guidance, His assistance, and His divine direction. We say nothing but praise be to Allah, who has guided us to this path, for we would not have found it without Allah’s guidance. And whatever Allah wills, there is no power except through Allah, the Most High, the Almighty.
We earnestly pray that this project serves as a testament to our commitment, bearing witness for us on the Day of Judgment before Allah, the Great, the Lord of the Mighty Throne. We pray that our faces may be illuminated on the day when many faces will turn pale. We hope that this project brings benefit to people until the Day of Judgment, as mentioned in the Quran: “((فَأَمَّا الزَّبَدُ فَيَذْهَبُ جُفَاء وَأَمَّا مَا يَنفَعُ النَّاسَ فَيَمْكُثُ فِي الأَرْضِ))” (Quran, Surah Ar-Ra’d, 13:17)

And my success is only by Allah; in Him I trust and to Him, I turn in repentance.
Your brother and well-wisher,
Dr. Jameel Al-Qudsi Al-Duwayk
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